Issue 11 and Volume 88.

THE ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems FIRES CAUSED BY OILY WASTE AND OILY RAGS MUCH has been written about the spontaneous ignition of oily rags, or more correctly, the rapid oxidation of such material. Certain oils, such as linseed oil, have the property of oxidizing very rapidly when left exposed to the air and at a point free from air currents. The heat which is generated because of this chemical process is cumulative, and a point is soon reached, where the heat is sufficient to cause the waste to break out into flame. To prevent this, many cities have regulations which require such oily waste to be stored in covered metal cans of special design, and that the contents be removed and burned each night. The problem in full that is discussed in this issue, appears in the box on this page.…

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