Late “Billy” Sunday a Fire Fighter

Issue 11 and Volume 88.

Late “Billy” Sunday a Fire Fighter Rev. “Billy” Sunday, who was a nation-wide figure as a leader for thousands on the “sawdust trail.” and who in his early days was a member of a racing team of the Marshall town, la., Fire Department, died recently at the age of seventy-two. In his youth, the hose companies were social organizations with keen competition when department races were held. He had made a reputation as a baseball player of the Nevada High School team, and he was offered a room, board and spending money if he would run with the Woodbury Hose Team. Although a month before graduation, he left school and accepted the offer. From his experience as a runner for the Fire Department, he graduated into local baseball, then to membership on a major league team, and finally became the sensational “Billy” Sunday, evangelist.

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