Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 11 and Volume 88.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Lum Fire Nozzle George F. Lum, of Detroit, Mich., has developed and patented the Pro-Tec-Tive fire nozzle, which, in addition to giving a good fire stream, also provides a water curtain for the protection of the hosemen. Mr. Lum claims that with this nozzle it will be possible for hosemen to work close to the fire, as it affords protection from heat and smoke. The nozzle has removable discs, which make it possible to change the diameter and the direction of the fire curtain. Dualarm System An illustrated folder has been issued by The Gamewell Company, Newton, Mass., to describe their “Dualarm” system. This system sounds a warning in the school that is so protected, and at the same time calls the municipal Fire Department, without pulling a separate box. The system has remote control stations for turning in alarms. The company has also issued a four-page illustrated…

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