New York Firemen Stage Fireless Show

Issue 12 and Volume 88.

New York Firemen Stage Fireless Show While more than twelve thousand persons shouted with delight, members of the New York Fire Department staged their first “Midnight Alarm,” at Madison Square Garden, New York City, on November 23, to raise funds for a department ambulance. The show will be repeated on December 21. The audience watched with intense interest the calisthenics exhibition, the exhibition of old-time firemen wearing red flannel shirts, and the show of department evolutions. Secretly they were waiting for the moment when fire would break out in a seventy-two-foot structure in the center of the stage, termed the Cobweb Hall. After a scene which brought back memories of the early nineties, fire was seen to break out from the tall structure. But instead of smoke and flames which the enthusiastic spectators expected, lights played on billowy, colored cloth to give the impression of leaping flames. However, the crowd…

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