Beautification of Honolulu Fire Stations

Issue 2 and Volume 89.

Beautification of Honolulu Fire Stations Architects Design Stations to Fit Surroundings and Firemen Vie with Each Other to Make Grounds Attractive NOT all American firemen spend their time playing checkers or reclining in chairs in front of the station. Firemen in Honolulu, territory of Hawaii, spend much of their spare time in beautifying the surroundings of their stations by planting flowers and shrubs, creating beautiful lawns and making their headquatrers as attractive as anything in the neighborhood. Time off from examinations, class instruction, care of equipment and the regular drills is usually spent in making improvements to the surrounding area. Stations Designed to Fit Surroundings Encouragement for this pride in the appearance of the stations comes from the forethought of the architects, who in each case studied the neighborhood in which the station was to be built and designed a building to fit the surroundings, incorporating, of course, all the…

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