The Crime of Arson

Issue 2 and Volume 89.

The Crime of Arson First Article of a Series Which Will Cover the Detection of Incendiarism and the Preservation of Evidence FIRE department officials throughout the country have long realized that fires caused by incendiarism are in the category of those that can be classed as preventable. It is therefore, imperative that the elimination of incendiarism must be considered in the campaign of fire prevention which all fire officials arc engaged in daily to lower the staggering losses which have been saddled upon the country through fires. These losses reflect the business load of the district. Many communities have already awakened to the fact that their Fire Departments can become more efficient and losses reduced through the activities of well – organized and trained arson squads, and that money spent for this purpose is sure to pay big dividends. The commonwealth of Massachusetts has been foremost in this activity and…

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