Jacksonville Reduces Fire Losses

Issue 2 and Volume 89.

Jacksonville Reduces Fire Losses Chief W. Q. Dowling, of Jacksonville, Fla., reported that the fire losses in his city for 1935 amounted to $143,748, the lowest in twelve years, and $131,988 less than the losses for 1934. Of the 1,604 alarms received last year, 143 were false and 49 were for points outside of the city limits. There were a total of 759 fires in automobiles, brush growths, boats, etc. The report shows that a total of 570 fires inside buildings were controlled at the point of origin. Decatur, I11., has approved specifications for a new pumper to cost about $15,000. Chief Will Platt has recommended a truck with an enclosed body. The pump will have a capacity of 1,000 g.p.m. The value of proper fire defenses was demonstrated at Little Sioux, Ia., when a $40,000 fire virtually wiped out the business district of the small town. Fire departments from…

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