Among the Buffs

Issue 2 and Volume 89.

Among the Buffs This is the first appearance of a new department, which FIRE ENGINEERING hopes will become a regular feature. Secretares of various fire buff associations are urged to send news regarding their respective organizations. Box 12 Associates Host to Two Clubs Two visiting buff clubs were honored by Box 12 Associates, Detroit, Mich., at a dinner held on January 11, at the Book-Cadillac Hotel. The visiting clubs were Box 7 Association, of Dayton, Ohio, and Box 14 Club, of Jackson, Mich. The guests included Police Commissioner, Brigadier General H. A. Pickert, and Police Superintendent John P. Smith, Detroit; Fire Commissioners C. Hayward Murphy and Arthur W. Winter, Detroit; Robert C. Anderson, Walter K. Bayley, Richard S. Fowler, R. Thurston Houk, Charles A. Miller, Chief W. W. McFadden, Police Chief Rudolph Wurstner and City Manager Fred Eichelberger of the Box 7 Association, Dayton, Ohio. Also Hugh T. Smith, Walter…

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