New York Department Wins Inspection Rights

Issue 3 and Volume 89.

New York Department Wins Inspection Rights With the signing of two bills by Gov. Lehman, the New York Fire Department regained its authority for inspection of buildings, and to pass on cases involving combustibles, inflammables, chemicals, gasoline, etc. For a while, the department had no right to do more than inspect fire hydrants and fire alarm boxes. John J. McElligott, Fire Chief and Commissioner, was aided in his persistent fight for inspection rights, by the recent fire in a Chinese-American restaurant, where nine lives were lost, and which he claims could have been averted if firemen had inspected the place for fire violations. That fire was spread by inflammable drapes that were festooned from the ceiling. An order was immediately issued after the bills were signed, establishing the Bureau of Combustibles, and the Division of Places of Public Assembly as bureaus of the Fire Department. The inspection powers, when they…

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