Ahrens-Fox and LeBlond-Schacht Companies Merge

Issue 4 and Volume 89.

Ahrens-Fox and LeBlond-Schacht Companies Merge A merger of The LeBlond-Schacht Truck Company and The Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company was ratified by stockholders of the two companies in Cincinnati on March 30. This plan brings under one roof two of the oldest automotive concerns in the country—the fire engine company continuing as a branch of the truck company, maintaining the Ahrens-Fox name. Harold R. LeBlond, Secretary-Treasurer states: “The new company will continue to supply all parts and equipment for apparatus now in service and will continue to manufacture rotary, centrifugal and piston types of pumps. The additional manufacturing facilities and ample financial resources will enable the Ahrens-Fox Company to continue its outstanding record as manufacturers of fire fighting equipment. The management pledges itself to a continuation of the unparalleled Ahrens-Fox service.” The present executive personnel will continue, both Mr. Fox and Mr. Ahrens being nationally known figures in pioneering improvements and…

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