J. P. Maloney, Boston, Dead

Issue 5 and Volume 89.

J. P. Maloney, Boston, Dead James P. Maloney, for many years Chief Clerk of the Boston, Mass., Fire Department, and recently appointed Executive Secretary, died at his home, 38 Monument Avenue, Charlestown, on April 20. He was appointed to the department on February 21, 1895; promoted to Assistant Chief Clerk in 1920; to Chief Clerk in 1923, and to Executive Secretary on February 4, 1936. Under his supervision a remarkably efficient and convenient card index and record system was installed at Boston Fire Headquarters which was described and illustrated in a special article in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, April 23, 1924. In his younger days he was noted as an amateur baseball player and was manager of the Boston Fire Department Baseball Team for several years. There was a detail of 30 firemen as funeral escort and a solemn high mass of requiem was held in St. Mary’s Church on…

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