Issue 5 and Volume 89.

IN THIS ISSUE VOL. 89 May, 1936 No. 5 Pago With the Editor 179 What is the Solution? By Fred Shepperd Prevention of Dust Explosions (Portrait—Illustrated) 180 By Dr. David J. Price The Crime of Arson (Illustrated—Continued) 184 By George O. Mansfield Gases, Chemicals and Hazardous Materials (Part IX—Illustrated) 187 Promotional Study Course (Continued) 188 The Round Table Department 190 Discussion on Fire-Fighting Operations During the Recent Floods Questions and Answers 193 The Watch Desk 195 What’s Burning? (Illustrated) 196 Manufacturers’ Announcements (Illustrated) 204 Convention Dates 207 False Alarm (Illustrated) 208 Humorous Side of the Fire-Fighting Profession

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