Five Pumpers Tested for Alexandria, Va.

Issue 5 and Volume 89.

Five Pumpers Tested for Alexandria, Va. With a score of officials from Alexandria and several nearby cities and towns in attendance, five pieces of motor apparatus for the Alexandria, Va., Fire Department were given the official three-hour underwriters’ tests at the dock of the Ford Motor Company. The tests were conducted under direction of A. C. Hutson, Assistant Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters. The equipment, consisting of two 1,250-gallon triple combination pumpers, one 1,250-gallon quadruple combination pumper and two 500-gallon triple combination pumpers, exceeding their rated capacities at the three pressure tests. They were placed in service at once, replacing apparatus that had been in use fifteen to eighteen years. Specifications for the apparatus were drawn by Chief James M. Duncan, Jr. All the units are equipped with windshields, 100-gallon booster tanks, electric sirens and 1,250-foot capacity hose bodies. The smaller pumpers will be used as hose trucks…

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