One-Half of Fire Apparatus Now in Use is Obsolete

Issue 7 and Volume 89.

One-Half of Fire Apparatus Now in Use is Obsolete Survey Conducted by FIRE ENGINEERING Covering Nearly 600 Cities in the United States Shows Alarming Condition ON June 13, a little town in Ohio awoke to find its principal industrial plant afire. The Fire Department was called promptly, and responded with its two pumpers, and combination chemical and hose truck. Shortly after one of the pumpers was put in service, it broke down. The other pump was able to give but a limited supply. Despite help from neighboring towns, the plant was completely destroyed, with a loss of $120,000. A Fire Department in a large eastern city has been having endless trouble with apparatus, much of which has reached the limit of its usefulness. The Chief reports that when apparatus is sent out in answer to an alarm he is “never certain that any of the machines will arrive at the…

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