Tennessee Firemen Meet at Memphis

Issue 7 and Volume 89.

Tennessee Firemen Meet at Memphis The sixth annual convention of the Tennessee Firemen’s Association was held at Memphis, Tenn., June 17 to 19, with about 325 persons present. The following talks were given; “Value of Short Course Fire School by Vocational Department University of Tennessee,” Capt. E. T. Holman, Tennessee Inspection Bureau, Nashville. “Industrial Hazards,” E. B. Hanson, assistant State Fire Marshal. Memphis. “The Necessity of Training for Volunteer Firemen and Volunteer Fire Fighting.” Chief K. K. Eslick, Fayetteville, Tenn. “Arson and the Means of Combating Same; Necessity of First Company on Scene Preserving Evidence of Suspicious Fires.” L. H. Harber, Special Agent, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Mem phis. “Traffic Conditions and Auto Parking as Affecting Fire Department Operations,” Frank Buckalew, City Fire Marshal. Memphis. “Responsibility and Relationship of Water, Police, and Fire Departments,” Hon. Thomas H. Allen, Memphis. “Cooperation Between Fire Departments and the Inspection Bureau,” A. J.…

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