A Visual Way of Showing Home Hazards

Issue 7 and Volume 89.

A Visual Way of Showing Home Hazards Much has been written regarding the value of visual education. In line with the new method of instruction, Chief George Haggerty, Berkeley, Cal., distributed 25,000 folders showing by means of a cross section of an average home, the fire hazards that commonly exist. These folders were also distributed in San Francisco. Chief Haggerty believes that this folder has brought about better rcsults than any other thing used. As a result of this folder, the Garbage Department of the city was swamped with calls to remove rubbish, and the Fire Prevention Bureau received a number of calls for information, and for inspections. Boy Scouts distributed 5.000 blotters to all mercantile establishments and manufacturing concerns. The illustration, which is reproduced appears across the two inside pages of the folder, and on the last page is a list of the fire alarm box numbers and locations.

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