Closed Body Pumper

Issue 10 and Volume 89.

Closed Body Pumper A 1,000 gallon multiple stage centrifugal pumper has been delivered to Decatur, Ill., by the General Fire Truck Corporation, Detroit, Mich. The apparatus has an enclosed, fully streamlined body with bus type seats for four firemen. There is additional room on the driver’s seat for three men. The all steel body has an insulated roof. The apparatus has space for 1,500 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose, carries a 100-gallon booster tank with 200 feet of 1inch booster hose reel, and has lockers inside above the window. The 2 1/2-inch hose is loaded on each side of the body. In between there is a runway for firemen entering their compartment. Chrome rollers on the sides and floor aid in unloading hose. The control panel includes heated gauges, indirect lighting, pump, oil, fuel, and tachometer gauges together with throttle pump drain, governor, etc. The pumper has a combination pump…

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