Handball Keeps Firemen Fit

Issue 10 and Volume 89.

Handball Keeps Firemen Fit Milwaukee Fire Department Members Play Game Regularly for Exercise and Sociability—Some of the Firemen Have Developed Into Champions WHEN the fire alarm comes in firemen must be ready. Life and property endangered by fire everyday of the year need protection by firemen who are physically fit. An important question that needs to be asked in every town and city throughout the land is, “Fireman can you save my child?” Ever since the great World War, with its draft information and figures on the poor health and physical inefficiency of America’s young manhood, new emphasis has been placed on fitness. The schools with their health and physical education programs have focused the interest of pupils and parents on this important phase of modern living. Industry has evolved great changes in its personnel division work through health and recreation programs; private organizations and institutions have shown concern and…

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