Issue 11 and Volume 89.

PROMOTIONAL STUDY COURSE Herein is presented a series of definitions, questions and answers designed to aid fire department officers in preparing themselves for promotional examinations. In this department, which appears monthly, will be included questions typical of examinations held throughout the country. Definitions Goose-neck Ladder: A goose-neck ladder of a fire escape is one so arranged that the upper end is curved to hook onto platform or railing of escape. Rise of a Step: The rise is the vertical portion of the step (of a stairs). Tread: A “tread” in a stairway is the upper flat portion of the step on which the foot rests. Factory Building: The term “factory building” means any building, shed or structure which, or any part of which, is occupied by or used for a factory. Questions (To be answered in next issue) What general care would you give to motor pumping unit after returning…

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