Newark Dedicates New FirePolice School

Issue 11 and Volume 89.

Newark Dedicates New FirePolice School On October 6 the city of Newark, N. J., officially dedicated the new Police and Fire Academy at Eighteenth Avenue and Norwood Street. This academy will be used for training members of the fire and police force. The principal speaker at the dedication exercises were the Hon. John Edgar Hoover, of the U. S. Secret Service. Other speakers were Chris Hasselhuhn, President of the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association. Mayor Ellenstein of Newark, N. J., and Michael P. Duffy, Director of Public Safety ot Newark. The school is installed in a large fire station which was built in one of the better residentials of Newark a couple of years ago and which was since closed, during the wave of economy. It is very well suited to school purposes, for it has a large lecture hall, chemical and ballastic laboratories, a full assortment of equipment used…

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