How to Avoid Hazards in Combustible Gases and Liquids

Issue 11 and Volume 89.

How to Avoid Hazards in Combustible Gases and Liquids Explosive Limits of Gases Vary Greatly and Must Be Determined for Each—Volatility of Liquids Is of Great Importance THE many and varied uses of industrial gases makes it important that the characteristics of the numerous combustible gases be studied with regard to their flammability or explosiveness. Of even more widespread use are the volatile solvents used in paints, lacquers, metal and clothes cleaning, anti-freeze liquids, and many other purposes. The solvents vaporize into the air and become gases, so that the study of the flammability of gases gives the fundamental information on the entire system of gases and volatile liquids. Combustible Gases An explosive is a substance in which an oxygen-rich compound is mixed with a compound which is readily oxidized and large volumes of gaseous products of reaction result. The explosive force results from the extremely rapid liberation of the…

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