Issue 11 and Volume 89.

FALSE ALAMS STILL ANGRY A rookie, who was very slow in learning, was assigned to a ladder company that boasted of a Captain with a very caustic tongue. He became very provoked at the rookie for not carrying out some order. He gave the student a tongue lashing which, as the officer described to another, “The fellow will never forget.” The next morning the rookie passed the Captain by without saluting. For this the Captain called him back. “Why didn’t you salute me?” he asked the rookie. The rookie, still thinking of the tongue lashing of the day before, replied, “I thought that you were still mad at me.” Many a man has been nailed by a pretty manicurist. OPERATION AVERTED A man of Williamsport, Pa., was out helping the firemen celebrate their convention. Filled with the cup that cheers, he walked into a hospital and said that he wanted…

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