N. E. Signal Men Meet

Issue 11 and Volume 89.

N. E. Signal Men Meet At a meeting of the New England Municipal Signal Association held in New Bedford, Mass., September 16 and 17, the following talks were given: “Development and Extension of the Use of Buried Cables,” by L. W. Allen, Hazard Insulated Wire Works. “Meeting Flood Emergency Conditions,” by Supt. E. A. Sullivan and Fire Commissioner Horace Clark, Hartford. “Maintaining and Drying Municipal Cables During the Flood,” by P. F. Goss, Air Reduction Sales Company. “The Position of Municipal Fire Alarm Organizations in the Scheme of Fire Prevention,” by A. C. Hutson, Assistant Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters. “Vitaguard—the Recent Development of Central Office and Street Box Equipment for Small Towns,” by Frank Bridges, Gamewell Company. “The Talkalarm System,” Alfred A. Robinson, Rridgeport, Conn. “Some Phases of Grounded Municipal Fire Alarm Systems,” by Joseph Siddall, Newark, N. J. “Other Angles on Municipal and Private Fire Alarm…

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