Fire Departments and Police Regulations in Connecticut

Issue 11 and Volume 89.

Fire Departments and Police Regulations in Connecticut The relations between the State Police Department and the Fire Departments of Connecticut was the subject of an address by Captain Walter Stiles, of the Connecticut State police at the first meeting of the season of the Fairfield County Fire Chiefs’ Emergency Plan, held in the School Auditorium, Nichols, Conn., on the evening of Wednesday, October 28. The President, Chief Sydney Stapeiy, Chief of Nichols, presided. Other guests of the Plan present were Lieutenant Frank Virella and Inspectors Earl R. Morin and Frank Starkel, all of the Connecticut State Police. Captain Stiles in his address touched on many important matters dealing with the relations of the Police with fire prevention and arson. He referred to the inadequacy of the laws regulating the storage of oil and gasoline in the state. A law with teeth had been introduced, but before the legislators were through…

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