A New Development in Resuscitation

Issue 11 and Volume 89.

A New Development in Resuscitation Newly Discovered Nielsen Method, of Danish Origin, Increases Depth of Breathing and Lessens Number of Respirations A DANISH sports inspector, Holger Nielsen, has recently made public the details of his discovery of a far more efficient method of artificial respiration which Danish authorities affirm surpasses the universally used Schaeffer method, which has become internationally recognized as a standard technique in saving lives in cases of drowning, electrical shock, gas poisoning, and suffocation. The Schaeffer method was first advanced by Sir Edward Sharpey Schaeffer, F. R. S., in 1903, and was approved in 1927 by practically all American First Aid and Life Saving institutions and industries. Technique of the Schaeffer Method The two systems are similar only in respect to the general posture of the patient’s body. For in the position of the operator, in his movements and in his speed of working they differ radically.…

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