Issue 1 and Volume 90.

PROMOTIONAL STUDY COURSE Herein is presented a series of definitions, questions and answers designed to aid fire department officers in preparing themselves for promotional examinations. In this department, which appears monthly, will be included questions typical of examinations held throughout the country. Definitions Self-closing Fire Door: A self-closing fire door is a door which is normally kept in a closed position by some mechanical device. Automatic Fire Door: An automatic fire door is one which is normally kept opened, and is arranged to close when automatically released by the action of heat on a fusible link or in some other approved manner. Standpipe (Fire Line): An arrangement of vertical pipes with tanks and hose connections at each floor level, allowing a stream of water to flow at an outlet when valve is turned on at that floor. Risers: The vertical lines of pipe in a standpipe system, to which hose…

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