Xmas Eve Blast Kills Two

Issue 1 and Volume 90.

Xmas Eve Blast Kills Two Investigation is underway in Asheville, N. C., to determine the cause of a fireworks blast that killed two people, injured eleven others and wrecked a three-story building in the city’s business district Christmas eve. Fireworks are banned in Charlotte and other cities in North Carolina. Chief Duckett and Acting Police Chief Jones have expressed the belief that the disastrous fire probably started when gasoline fumes were ignited by an open charcoal pot. This belief was expressed by officers, after questioning witnesses at the coroner’s inquest. It is said a burning charcoal pot and a gasoline stove were in the building at the time of the blast. It is pointed out that the stove, which was not in use at the time, may have leaked and the vapor became ignited, causing the tank to explode, showering burning gasoline on the fireworks. Another theory is that powder…

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