With the Editor

Issue 1 and Volume 90.

With the Editor The Penalty For Fidelity Louis Hansen is no longer Fire Chief at Lincoln, Neb. This capable officer was forced to retire because he would not sign a recommendation prepared by one of the City Commissioners for the purchase of a low-priced fire hose. “I could not honestly recommend the hose be purchased,” said Chief Hansen. His retirement was thereupon demanded on the grounds of “insubordination.” Chief Hansen had learned through his thirty years’ experience in the fire service that it was far more economical in the long run to buy only the best of fire hose; the City Council thought it knew more about hose than the Chief. He refused to break faith with those he served—the public. His reward for fidelity was dismissal from the fire service. It is very likely that the Council never heard of smooth waterways in hose under pressure, of protective treatment…

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