Firemen Ask End of “Long Day”

Issue 1 and Volume 90.

Firemen Ask End of “Long Day” Members of the Hartford, Conn., Fire Department are seeking the abandonmeant of a Fire Department regulation requiring them to remtain on duty continuously for twenty-four hours every eighth day. The “long day” has prevailed in the department since 1919, when the two-platoon system was adopted in that city. The petition was presented to the Board of Fire Commissioners at a recent meeting and was put over for further consideration. It is the firemen’s argument that they should not be required “in this enlightened age” to work twenty-four hours a day in order to obtain a day off. They point out that they represent the only group of workers, either in the city government or in private industry, that is compelled to work a 24-hour day. Elimination of the “long day” would make it necessary to add about twentyone firemen to the Hartford department, and…

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