Small Fire Paralyzes Newark

Issue 1 and Volume 90.

Small Fire Paralyzes Newark Oil Switch Fire in Power Station Darkens the Larger Part of Newark, N. J., for Over Five Hours A SHORT circuit somewhere in the power equipment of the PointNo-Point Power Station at Newark, N. J., resulted in the ignition of oil in an oil switch, necessitating shutting off all generating equipment and depriving the larger part of Newark, N. J., of electric light and power for a period of over five hours on December 30. The oil switches, of which there are nearly 100 in the station, serve to control 13,000 volt electric circuits. The fire occurred at 3:30 p.m., and despite the efforts of the power plant employees and the Fire Department, it continued to burn unil 5 :22 p.m., The power plant employees endeavored to extinguish the fire with portable carbon tetrachloride extinguishers and portable carbon dioxide extinguishers, but were able to make no…

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