The Man With Nothing To Do

Issue 3 and Volume 90.

The Man With Nothing To Do A local newspaper of Murphysboro, Ill., is publishing a series of articles describing some of the prominent people in the community. The first of the articles described the well known fire official, Chief Albert Herring. For those who complain of too much to do, it is breath-taking to read the list of the activities of Chief Herring as enumerated in the article: “Chief of Murphysboro for thirty-six years; Supervisor of Cemeteries; Member, Park Commission; Electrical Inspector; ‘Dr. Fish’ of the Hospital Staff; Chief of Western United Safety Team; Originator and Chief of Egyptian Fire Fighters Association; Vice-President, Illinois Firemen’s Association; Member, Western Electric Inspectors’ Association; Honorary Member, Pacific Coast Fire Chiefs’ Association: Member, Southern Regulars of I.A.F.C.; originator, twenty-one years ago ot fire prevention in public schools, which is now national in scope; Elks Lodge, Eagles Aerie; ‘Santa Claus’; Recognized by St. Louis Fire…

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