New York City Tests Pumpers

Issue 4 and Volume 90.

New York City Tests Pumpers Under the direction of Captain Herman F. Kuch, of the New York Fire Department, five Mack pumpers of a new design were tested on March 30, and three more on the following day. In all, nineteen units of this design were ordered by the department and the remaining eleven will be tested this month. Each has a capacity of 1,000 gallons a minute. Since Mayor LaGuardia has been in office, only 1,000-gallon machines have been ordered, to replace the old 750-gallon pumpers. The new pumpers have an enclosed steel cab for the driver and the officer in charge. Protecting those who ride on the rear step is a glass windshield, which may be lifted up and out of the way. and also two side wind breakers. A sudden lurch of the engine would cause the windshield to swing in as the firemen on the rear…

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