Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 5 and Volume 90.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Brakes for Fire Apparatus Recent surveys of fire fighting equipment in use throughout the country indicate that a large proportion are obsolete, due to inadequate brake equipment. A new type brake is on the market which is being used successfully in several cities on both new and old pieces of apparatus. The manufacturers, Linderman Devices, Inc., describe the brake as a simple square cage with a floating shoe on each side of the square. Between each of the four shoes and the cage is a welded all-steel diaphragm, running the full length and width of the shoe. The diaphragms are interconnected by a simple manifold pipe, which guarantees permanent built-in equalization at all times. These brakes may he operated by straight air pressure, or by hydraulic pressure from a master cylinder in the chassis. When straight air pressure is used, connection with the brake is directly to the…

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