Floodlighting Truck for Newark, N. J.

Issue 5 and Volume 90.

Floodlighting Truck for Newark, N. J. A modern floodlighting and emergency truck was recently delivered to the Newark, N. J., Fire Department. Michael P. Duffy, Director of Public Safety, in his desire to make the Newark Fire Department outstanding in its equipment, conferred with John Keenan, Fire Commissioner, and Chief Towey. This group, after consultation with John Kane, Engineer of the Department of Public Safety, and Joseph P. Hackett, Mechanical Engineer of the Fire Department, specified a truck which would include not only a large battery of floodlights, but also a high power searchlight for use in emergency work at the waterfront, or at other points where a strong, intense beam might be needed. Hagin & Koplin, Ford Distributors for Newark, contracted for the truck and body, the later of which was made by The Peter Wendcl & Sons BodyCompany. of Irvington, N. J. The electrical installation was made by…

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