Issue 5 and Volume 90.

THE COVER WELL, there really are some people reading this blurb, I know now, because I have a very nice letter from Chief McAuliffe, of the Chicago Fire Patrol. Thanks a lot, Chief, for “them kind woids” and I hope I’ll be seeing you at Washington, D. C., in June. As further evidence that there are some Chiefs who appreciate what we are trying to do for salvage work and who desire to co-operate, here is a very practical suggestion from Chief R. J. Van Fleet, city of Hastings Fire Department, Hastings, Neb. Chief Van Fleet sent me a nice sketch, which I regret I am unable to use in the space allotted to me, but I’ll do my best to describe his unusual employment of a salvage cover. He explains he has no room on his trucks for the usual baskets in which he might carry salvage covers. So,…

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