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Issue 5 and Volume 90.

In This Issue VOL. 90 May, 1937 No. 5 With the Editor 217 The Price Chiseler Is a Quality Chiseler—Has This Hazard Been Overlooked?—Brain or Brawn? By Fred Shepperd Water Stations Extend Protection (Portrait—Illustrated) 218 By Chief Albert C. Melendy Fighting Fire at an Oil Refinery (Illustrated) 220 By J. C. Watkins Fire Fighting in Australia (Illustrated) 221 By Kerwin Maegraith Promotional Study Course (Continued) 227 The Round Table Department 229 Discussion on Maintaining Interest Among Volunteers Questions and Answers 233 The Cover 234 By William Paul Babcock The Watch Desk 235 By Roi B. Woolley What’s Burning 236 Manufacturers’ Announcements (Illustrated) 249 Convention Dates 250 False Alarm (Illustrated) 256 Humorous Side of the Fire-Fighting Profession

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