History of Hose

Issue 5 and Volume 90.

History of Hose Fire hose has had a rather interesting history, because it has been so closely associated with the development of the American communities. Modern hose can be said to have started with an idea of Nathan Hunt, a maker of leather belting. As leather was expensive, he thought of using cotton as a substitute. He found a mill in Connecticut to weave such belts but found that the cotton belts had a large percentage of slip. The Boston Belting Company was appealed to, and they coated one side of the belt with rubber. That solved the problem. The belting attracted attention. He had some on display in the doorway of his store and Col. John C. Boyd, of James Boyd & Sons, makers of harness, leather hose, etc., paused to examine it. The rubber coated belt gave him an idea. He conceived the plan of joining the belt…

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