Fire Fighting in Australia

Issue 5 and Volume 90.

Fire Fighting in Australia Methods and Apparatus of the Fire Brigade of Sydney, New South Wales, Under Chief Officer C. A. D. Richardson THE metropolitan area of the Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Fire Brigade, under the command of Chief Officer C. D. A. Richardson is controlled from the watchroom at headquarters. Thermostatical alarms are tested there daily, and the hundreds of sprinkler installations are also overhauled each week. “Relays” are installed in big city establishments. Should fire break out, the contraction or expansion of metal in these relays causes the system to send its message in code to the brigade. Immediately the code reaches the station it is translated automatically on to a tape and the exact name and address of the building alight is given. Water sprays start at the relay, and these have been known to put out fires without further assistance. As soon as the tape…

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