Issue 8 and Volume 90.

THE ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems FLOODLIGHTING OF NIGHT FIRES To the “Sidewalk Chief,” it may seem rather odd that added illumination is required at night fires. It may seem logical that at fires important enough to require added lighting, the illumination will be provided by the fire itself. But such is not true. Buildings, fortunately, do not burn on all sides at once. There is always one or more sides of a building that are in darkness. But whether the sides of the structure are illuminated by the fire or not, it is often feasible to attack the blaze from the rear. It is for these dark spots on a fire ground, that the floodlighting units have proven of immense value. Night illumination also makes it possible for firemen to enter cellars, dark alleys and hallways with some assurance of safety.…

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