Issue 8 and Volume 90.

SHOULD THERE BE DRILLS IN SUMMER? Survey Made of Representative Cities to Find if Departments Curtail or Eliminate Drills When Weather Becomes Very Warm WITH the exception of the vacationist who dreams of trout streams and camps and mountains and trails, there appears to be a dread of summer days. It is believed that there should be a letup of work. There are some who put off unimportant tasks until the weather becomes cooler. In the office, man is not supposed to overwork himself during the summer. But on his day off, the same employee will almost melt away on a tennis court, or outdo himself on the golf course. According to information supplied by a number of Fire Department officers, drills are continued during the summer months, with the exception of the days when the weather is exceedingly warm. In a fewcities, the drills arc held in the morning…

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