With the Editor

Issue 8 and Volume 90.

With the Editor Smaller Fireboats There is growing interest today in smaller fireboats, even on the part of some of the larger cities. The arguments advanced for the smaller units are quite convincing. In the first place, they cost much less. More of them can be employed for the same initial investment and they can thus be located as to reach a waterfront fire in shorter time than can a single big boat. Having shallower draft, they may enter waters barred to the bigger craft. So far as pumping capacity is concerned, if the fire is not a large one, they are as effective in extinguishing it as the larger boat. Should the fire be of great size, there would be time to assemble the various small fireboats, which would give a combined discharge equalling, or even exceeding, that of the larger one. Furthermore, the small units could be better…

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