Issue 8 and Volume 90.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day. Blast It All—Anyway! Nick Sportini, a blasting sub-contractor, working on foundations of a new home in Fairfield (Conn.), became annoyed when a stick of dynamite failed to dislodge a large tree stump. He placed 18 sticks under the stump, covered it with railroad ties, touched it off. Resulting blast showered houses within half a mile radius with parts of stump, and ties. . . . busted windows, tore holes in roofs and whathaveyou. Sportini was arrested! Who Planted the Fire Bell? Down in Center (Tex.) they’ve just dug up the old fire bell, installed 33 years ago, from the flower bed of a residence. Bell has been restored to front of City Hall from whence it has been missing since 1915. We rise to ask, what have they been doing all these vars and yars for alarm…

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