Emergency Car Combines Pumper and Ambulance

Issue 8 and Volume 90.

Emergency Car Combines Pumper and Ambulance A closed body type of pumper with interesting emergency car and ambulance features has recently been delivered to the Fire Department of Pottsville, Pa., by the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company. Equipped with a 500-gallon two-stage centrifugal pump, and carrying the usual fire extinguishing appliances of the conventional pumper, the apparatus will perform routine fire duty, while at the same time being used as the department ambulance and assigned to respond to accident and other emergency calls. The fire-fighting equipment includes a 100 gallon booster tank, with booster hose carried on reel at the rear step, and 2 1/2-inch hose stored under the two lengthwise seats. These seats are hinged and are covered with leather cushions. As Pottsville is situated in the coal mining area and the department is frequently called for mine rescue work, the equipment of the car includes a full assortment of…

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