A Fire Tug for Wheeling

Issue 10 and Volume 90.

A Fire Tug for Wheeling Wheeling, W. Va., has just placed in service a small fire tug built by Hanley Engineering Service. It is capable of making ten miles an hour. It is 22 feet in length and eight feet wide, and draws twenty inches of water. The entire hull is made of one-eighth inch thick steel plate and is electric welded. The hull is designed similar to those of the U. S. Navy’s rescue launches. It has no propeller or rudder, being driven and steered entirely by waterpower from the power from the powerful pumps. This gives the tug the opportunity to operate freely in flood districts without having a rudder and propeller entangled in wires and other obstacles usually found in flood water. The propulsion jets are so constructed into the rear of the boat that it is virtually impossible to injure them if the boat should be…

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