Change in Connecticut Forestry Service

Issue 10 and Volume 90.

Change in Connecticut Forestry Service The new merit system passed by the Connecticut State Legislature at its 1937 session is forcing reorganization of the entire fire-fighting system of the State Forestry Department. Men throughout the state who serve as district fire wardens or deputy district fire wardens must, if the letter of the merit system act is followed, either refrain from local politics or lay themselves open to discharge from their state jobs. Forty-five per cent of the men now engaged in forest fire work in Connecticut are town officers, according to an estimate by Deputy State Fire Warden C. H. Lathrop. Many make their living from town jobs and will drop the state job, if it comes to a choice. District fire wardens, of whom there are 138 in the state of Connecticut, one for each forest fire district, receive the sum of $10 per year from the state,…

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