Small Fireboats for Smaller Cities

Issue 11 and Volume 90.

Small Fireboats for Smaller Cities In an article on “What Trend in Fire Boats?” in the October issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, there was a statement credited to Deputy Chief A. J. Mullaney, of Chicago, to the effect that he favored smaller size fireboats as being better equipment than the size commonly found in large seaport cities. He has advised that it has never been his thought to recommend 3,000-gallon boats for large seaport cities. In fact, Chicago, a non-seaport city, he said, recently launced a 90-foot boat. What Chief Mullany did say was as follows: “From the standpoint of practicability, I would say that if properly designed somewhat along the lines of our new boat, a smaller boat would serve an excellent purpose, especially in the smaller cities, where the restricted initial cost and upkeep would be a problem. Such a fireboat, if properly designed, would serve in various capacities…

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