Bridgeport to Hold Tests

Issue 11 and Volume 90.

Bridgeport to Hold Tests The first competitive promotion examinations since the Civil Service Commission was named will be held at Bridgeport, Conn., on November 27. Examinations will be given in the morning for pumper engineer and Captain, and in the afternoon fire-fighters and Captains will take the written tests for Lieutenant and Assistant Chief. Appointments will be made at the minimum or entrance gross salary in the salary range. Advancements within the salary range may be made in accordance with civil service rules. The written examination will be on the knowledge and skills involved in performing the duties of the position, service record rating, senority, training, experience and general qualifications. Candidates will be required to attain at least 75 per cent in each announced subject. An examination fee of $3 must be paid for pumper engineer. Lieutenant and Captain, and a fee of $3.50 for those taking the Assistant Chief…

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