Issue 1 and Volume 91.

PROMOTIONAL STUDY COURSE Herein it presented e series of definitions, questions end answers designed to aid fire department officers in preparing themselves for promotional examinations. In this department, which appears monthly, will be included questions typical of examinations held throughout the country. Definitions Communication: An opening from one building to another, either directly or indirectly. Cornice: The ornamental projection at the eaves of a building or at the top of a pier. Curtain Wall: The wall placed on the outside of steel skeleton frames; it carries only its own weight and merely keeps out the elements. No structural parts depend upon these walls. Davy Safety Lantern: Lantern with a wire mesh around the light, which prevents the ignition of gas outside of the wire. Dead Ends: Ends of water main which have no outlet. Questions (To be answered in next issue) Under what conditions do fires require the use of…

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