A Second Line of Defense

Issue 2 and Volume 91.

A Second Line of Defense Old Fire Apparatus in Baltimore, Md., Is Maintained in Good Condition and Is Manned by the Off-Platoon for Emergency Calls RESERVE apparatus is an invaluable aid to the regular forces in an emergency. It supplies replacement units when regular apparatus is being overhauled, and when a major fire calls out most of the companies, the reserve is quickly manned to fill vacant stations. The Fire Department of Baltimore, Md., maintains such a reserve and obtains very excellent results. This second line of defense consists of twenty-four pieces of apparatus. By calling the off-shift these become twenty-four regular companies within forty-five minutes. All is apparatus formerly in active service. It is kept in good repair in order that it may render occasional service. This second line is being much used at present, while regular engines are in the shop having pneumatic tires installed. Call for Second…

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