Issue 2 and Volume 91.

The WATCH DESK Our Inquiring reporter overhauls the firemanic news of the day. They Still Do It—and Sometimes Live Irma Small, domestic servant, of Prince Albert (Sask.), was cleaning a dress in a bucket of—yes, you guessed it —gasoline, at bottom of a stairway in a two-story home, when gas exploded. When she came to, she found herself lying in second-floor hallway, uninjured. But house was wrecked. Indeedy, there’s one born every minute! Barber’s Dummy Causes Uproar We didn’t know it until Quaker City fan sent us story, but now we understand some barber’s use dummies on which they practice “finger waving.” Well, over in Philly, women screamed, men ran bravely to the rescue as a flaming figure hurtled from a porch roof. But it proved to be just the dummy on which “Sam the barber” rehearsed his finger work and which Sam’s son Louis, aged 6, playfully set afire.…

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